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Goldberg Variations: Aria

Video/visual score for the Aria of the Goldberg Variations by J. S. Bach.

Music performed by Glenn Gould, taken from his legendary 1955 recording.

Bianco – Organo Amante

Official music video for Italian singer/songwriter Alberto Bianco.

Direction, compositing, editing: Lucio Arese

Shot at Superbudda, Turin.


LT24 is an experimental movie directed by Lucio Arese with Ametsub soundtrack, bringing an original technique that links images and music together through simulated timelapse.

The film depicts a 24 hours day (from 0 AM to 0 AM) compressed into 2 minutes 24 seconds (600x) where a group of construction workers builds a steel structure placed into a square arena.
The environment has an atmospheric system based on real solar azimuth and elevation data, corresponding to the geographic location of Turin at the 21st of June 2010 (summer solstice, longest day available in the year).

A 24 hour portion of reality is accelerated at whirling speed remaining organized into the guidelines of a musical structure; at the same time, a 2 minutes 24 seconds piece of music is “projected” into a 24 hour timespan, synchronizing and shaping every significative event – even the movement of every single worker is related to the music. This process creates a bidirectional relationship between music and motion picture, linking them into an imaginary dimension where the flow of visual and audio events is totally bounded together: this could be called “structured timelapse”.

Read full description here (recommended):


Concept, design, direction and production: Lucio Arese

Compositing, editing, cinematography: Lucio Arese

Soundtrack: “Lurid Sky and Tama Stream” composed by Ametsub – Album: “Linear Cryptics” (MP 299), Mille Plateaux re-release, 2010

Autechre – plyPhon

Unofficial-non commercial video for plyPhon, a song from the latest Autechre release, Quaristice.

Every visual element is connected to a sound event; the whole video is intended to be like a sort of virtual score that develops itself in a continued run, according to the music.

You (music by Nobukazu Takemura)

“You” is a short film directed by Lucio Arese, based on music composed by the Japanese genius Nobukazu Takemura.

The audiovisual flow is organized in repeated microsections of a few seconds each, everyone with his own life, linked together to form a modular structure.

The realization is characterized by a variety of techniques including 3d rendering, painting, a complex editing process and multilayered compositing.

A particular color treatment has been used on the whole film in order to obtain a burned out b/w photography, contributing to create a dense, dark, organic and somewhat indecipherable world where music and motion picture meet each other in a very intimate way.

Designed, directed and produced by Lucio Arese

Soundtrack: “Icefall”, composed by Nobukazu Takemura, edited by Lucio Arese

from the album “Scope”, published by Thrill Jockey Records in 1999

Craig Vear – Slit Scan Crash Test

“Slit Scan Crash Test” is an experimental / non commercial short film directed and produced by Lucio Arese featuring music composed by Craig Vear.
The film depicts a 3d enginereed offset crash test in super slow motion, using simulated slit scan photography effects to alter spatial and temporal dimension.

The crash sequence is explored and reproduced several times at different camera speeds from many angles, into a refined and delicate photography.
The newtonian beauty of the colliding objects creates a poetry of motion which intersects with the non-linear morphing of slit scan, creating a Daliesque dimension where time and space interacts in abstract, arbitrary ways.

Designed, directed and produced by Lucio Arese.

Music composed by Craig Vear – Track: “Jolene”, from the album “Summerhouses”, Cluster/Mille Plateaux, MPCLU 001, 2010

Yu Miyashita – Mimic

Mimic is an experimental video directed by Lucio Arese with music of Yu Miyashita.
An hyperdense block of objects driven by music collides, collapses, spread into random formations and disintegrates at frantic speed.
Shot into a cattle market, the film rides the verge between nonsense, random noise and organic, structured audiovisual events, enhancing the plastic clashes of a digital inserted foreground into an old and rusty environment.
Humorous, lunatic, cartoonish, nightmarish, Mimic is an attempt to reach a complete unity between music and motion picture in an epoch of violent changes.
Design, modeling, animation, direction, production: Lucio Arese
Compositing, editing, cinematography: Lucio Arese
Soundtrack: “Mimic” composed by Yu Miyashita – Album: “Noble Niche” (Mille Plateaux/MP 307)
© Mille Plateaux 2012

Ametsub – Repeatedly

Official video on Ametsub new single released by Mille Plateaux.
Virtual 3d sets of blocks and morphing geometries representing glitches, harmonic and rhythmic structure of the music spread themselves through the streets and the buildings until they take over the entire cityscape.
The film has been realized with an experimental, “faked” stop motion technique derived from standard footage elaboration, using multiple paces in order to maintain the synchronization with the soundtrack.
Almost every frame of the video becomes a digital sculpture blended into the urban landscape.
Shot in Milan and Turin.
Designed, directed and produced by Lucio Arese.
Music by Ametsub.
Album: The Nothings of the North (Mille Plateaux / MP301)
© Mille Plateaux 2010


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