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Visuals from bird songs

Ongoing experimental project focused on creating realtime 3d visuals with the songs and verses of various birds species.

Particle Studies

Ongoing serie of experiments on animated particle systems and their visual outputs.

Motion Studies

Experimental serie focused on developing virtual characters over space, motion trails and motion capture data visualization.

Audiocontrolled Virtual Objects

Research/experimental project focused on the creation of audiocontrolled 3d objects.
The base concept is rather simple: create virtual geometry completely driven and shaped by audio events and place it into real environments, composing cinematic little short films.
The process consists in:
1. creating sound designs
2. process them into a number of audio tracks (isolating various frequencies and patterns of interest in the spectra)
3. using the resulting tracks into audio controllers for a 3d animation (in 3ds Max). The controllers convert the audio signal amplitude into a specific value for every point in time. Eventually, every parameter of the animation is audio controlled
4. creating a short movie with the resulting animation


Vertical Gallery

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