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Suguru Goto – Body in Zero G

Body in Zero G is a performance created by Suguru Goto. Images and animation have been created by Lucio Arese, Patrick Defasten, Takaaki Unno and Damien Serban.
We work depicts an imaginary situation in which Earth’s gravitational attraction suddendly stop, shaping a new world.
The performance is 40 minutes long, divided in 4 movements. Two performers move on a stage with a wall/floor projection system which emplys anamorphic perspective to simulate a completely immersive environment.
The performance premiered at WWW in Shibuya, Tokyo, and has been repeated at Tokyo University of the Arts (Geidai) in 2017.

Suguru Goto – Continuum

Continuum is an audiovisual performance created by Lucio Arese with music composed by Suguru Goto.
Together with the works of Canadian artist Patrick Defasten and French visual artist and programmer Antoine Schmitt, it constituted Suguru Goto audiovisual album entitled CsO.
The work has been premiered at WWW in Shibuya, Tokyo. The following tour included the cities of Kyoto, Nantes and Paris.