LT24 is an experimental time lapse movie directed and produced by Lucio Arese.

The film depicts a 24 hours day (from 0 AM to 0 AM) compressed into 2 minutes 24 seconds where a group of construction workers assemble a steel structure placed into a square arena.

The environment has an atmospheric system based on real solar azimuth and elevation data, corresponding to the geographic location of Turin at the 21st of June 2010 (summer solstice, longest day available in the year).

Every side of the arena is 150 meters long and is perpendicular to a cardinal direction.



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Compressing 24 hours into 2:24 implies a speed up that can be determined by the following calculations:

24 hours = 1440 minutes = 86400 seconds
2 minutes 24 seconds = 144 seconds
86400 / 144 = 600X speed up

Reality is speeded up by 600 times, so the proportions between real time and film are:

24 hours - 2 minutes 24 seconds
12 hours - 1 minute 12 seconds
6 hours - 36 seconds
1 hour - 6 seconds
10 minutes - 1 second
25 seconds - 1 frame (24 fps)



Aerial view

The construction should be considered as some kind of monument, or abstract structure - it has no functional meaning, and it's totally related to the flowing of the soundtrack through time. The building is quasi simmetric, formed by two definite parts: an inner core and an outside perimeter.

The assembling of the two sections takes 1m 12s each (first the inner core, then the outer perimeter), splitting the film exactly into two halves: the first, more intricate and labyrinthic, and the second, more modular and repetitive. The first half also constitutes the first 12 hours of the day (AM), while the second the last 12 (PM).


Watching the soundtrack waveform it's possible to note as the two part division is present also into the music.



This video depicts the building development through time from an aerial view, with a comparison between film time (2m 24s) and real time (24h). According to the 600x proportion 1 hour is corresponding to 6 seconds in the film.

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Timelapse is a technique generally used generally for two basic purposes:

1) To accelerate real time events into speeds that makes them unintelligible (ex. city life, vehicle traffic etc.)

2) To "compress" and make comprehensible long time processes otherwise unnoticeable in real time (ex. cloud movement, growing of nature, organic decomposition etc.)

This film tries to unify these two aspects:: a 24 hour portion of reality is accelerated at whirling speed remaining organized and comprehensible, into the guidelines of a musical structure; at the same time, a 2 minutes 24 seconds portion of music is "projected" into a 24 hour timespan, sinchronizing and shaping every significative event - even the movement of every signle worker is related to the music. This process creates a bidirectional relationship between music and motion picture, linking them into an imaginary dimension where the flow of visual and audio events is totally bounded together: this could be called "structured timelapse".

This technique permits to reproduce reality at multiple timescales mantaining a coherent organization (theoretically even the present film could be, into given limits, played at different speeds). For this film a 24h timespan has been chosen for the harmony of the system and to give a sense of completeness, but many different timescales could be utilized, if not every possible proportion. It could be used for a  wide range of purposes and realized with many techniques, real footage as well as digital imagery or mixed solutions.



Concept, design, direction and production: Lucio Arese

Compositing, editing, cinematography: Lucio Arese

Soundtrack: "Lurid Sky and Tama Stream" composed by Ametsub - Album: "Linear Cryptics" (MP 299), Mille Plateaux re-release, 2010


Mille Plateaux 2010